Change is Afoot …

Things are changing.  Rapidly.

Public opinion is brewing and shaping and people are getting wind about what Big Money, Big Politics and Big Oil are up to.

It’s partly our fault: for sitting in the padded ignorance of our own comfort zones, numbed like a junkie, while the media keeps us distracted by cops and robbers stories and pop-culture trivia that are strategically moulded to provide those empty calories.  And, we do love our comfort zones, don’t we?Toxic Alberta Tar Sands

But, comfort zones are getting stretched.  Already massive, destructive storms are hitting a little close to home, too close to ignore, too close to escape from.  And the reality of Climate Change is standing with its naked, monstrous self, directly in front of us.  The polar ice caps are melting.  MELTING.  I mean, this alone should be enough for any person in his right mind to ask, “what the f*ck is going on?”   But we remain quiet, polite, subservient – the way we always are – chit-chatting with friends and neighbors about the usual confetti, the day to day concerns of drunken lives, lives lost in the wonder drug of prescribed entertainment.

And politicians lie to us.  Daily.  Big Media lies to us.  Daily.  Big Oil and their sleazy campaigns lie to us: constantly.  Have we lost the taste of what Truth really is?  Have we been so bombarded by industrial lies, political promises and cheap ad campaigns for so long that we just eat it up because it’s “convenient”?

It’s amazing and heart-warming, that people are speaking up.  They are saying “NO” … in a voice clear and loud.  They are tired of lies and empty promises and environmental travesties hidden behind the cheap facades of “regional prosperity”, “national economic growth” and the time-tortured 4-letter word, JOBS.    These little plastic carrots dangled in front of us are no longer garnering the devotion of the Chronically Stupid: people are being informed, updated and are seeing behind the camouflage and lies.USA Oil Sands Project

And the interesting thing is, they’re not getting this illumination from mainstream media like CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX or even *sigh* CBC.  They’re getting it from friends, relatives, strangers and others who are taking advantage of the connectivity of social media, websites, video, sharing on all levels the real word about what we are up against on this Planet, at this Time.

It’s time to MOVE.  It’s time to ACT.  There really is an amazing call for change, for accountability, for truth … taking place on the planet right now.  It’s exciting to be a part of it.  It means that WE as human beings can begin to engineer a better world for all of us.  Inhumanity, corruption, environmental destruction and greed have no hiding places any more.   They’re all being ‘OUTED’.  Wow.  Now, that’s pretty cool.

It won’t happen without a fight.  Money and power and time-tested control will not be letting go easily.  But it will happen.  It will because we are demanding.  Not politely “asking” for it.  We demand it.   Accountability, transparency and visioning a world that all human beings can thrive in peacefully is what it’s all about.  And it can happen.

All it needs is YOU.

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