“Inner Peace”.

It’s a concept that escapes us as Life Flies By.

As we’re struggling for space on the Freeway.  As we’re Juggling to make finances, health & relationships all fit harmoniously into our “best laid plans”.

Few stop and ask the question; most of us are “booked up” in the Appointment Calendar of Life.  Too busy, as it turns out, for our own Hearts.  For the Thirst of the Soul.  For the Journey Home.

Magnolia - Blossom of Peace

I’ve been fortunate in my life.

What appeared as an Outer Struggle – to find Place, Position and Meaning in Society’s mandate – became a Journey Inward for me, way back in my late teens and early twenties.

My Journey has been Mediated, Assisted, Facilitated and Supported by the kindness and wisdom of my Teacher, Prem Rawat – who himself – has been doing this marvelous work for others since the age of four in his own life.

From what began as an aching emptiness in the Appointment Book of My Own Heart, has, with Time & Practice, become a River: sure, strong and steady, that nourishes every Flower in every Field of my Life.

Magnolias for Peace

We’re here to Celebrate.

We’re here to be renewed, supported, inspired … by our own Private Oasis.

There is little in the world that deserves Celebration, Devotion, Gratitude.   Even the most Trustworthy of  “Outer Alliances” go through their own Changes, Seasons, “Shelf-Life”.  Each affiliation has its own – at times surprising – Costs & Consequences.

The ability to Drink the Nectar of the Immortal, at the core of Mortality itself, is a Gift Beyond Gifts.  It is a Sweet Surprise, a Deep Nourishment, a Tremendous Relief, a Well-Spring of Joy.  It is the Seed of both Creativity and Creation itself.  It is the Undying Voice that announces, acknowledges and rekindles Life, in the midst of Squalor and Decay.

It truly is the Lotus that rises gloriously above the very Murky Mud that it’s rooted in.

We all Sing the Glory of “Something” …

A new car, a new couch … a good movie.  A tasty meal. A faithful Spouse, a Fun Vacation.  Politics.  Environment.  War.  Choices, concerns, raptures.  Freedom.  New-born Babies.

The Pages of Life’s Book all grow Old and Stained in time.  Some fall out.  Whole Chapters go missing, are forgotten, censored.  Become illegible, unreliable, repetitive, mundane.  Predictable.

There is another Publication: The Book Of Hearts.

It Speaks; it Pronounces; it Sings.  It rides the Beautiful, Awesome Crest-of-The-Wave at the Center of Things.  It is the Biggest, Wildest, most Unexplored Frontier in the annals of Mankind.

And for Human Beings,
at this Time
in this Life
in this World —

It can be Known.


The Road Home.
(we do go there alone …)

But … it’s the Only Road where you’re never Lonely.

Takes 1 to Know 2.  Magnolias 4 You.