JFK :    In  My  words  of  Now

In one of my rare forays into TelevisionLand, I surf the channels and find the movie JFK (1991 – Oliver Stone, Kevin Kostner, et al).  So, I begin watching, and I am pulled in. Very interesting. I thought a lot about it afterwards – here are some reflections.

John F KennedyThat was “my era” – the 60’s – my growing-up years, my elementary-school chapters, my living room on a middle-class street in a middle-class town in a Middle-Class Life.  There are few things in that era of my life that were truly “traumatic”.  Life was predictable and rubber-stamped, day-after-day.  Excitement lived in the extra-curricular seasons of my friends and in the changing imprints of the times. The hippie era, the Vietnam War, the Beatles and the gradual “colorizing” of the drab, mercenary post-industrial baby-boomer value system, fraught with materialism and the predictable charade of status quo.

November 22nd, 1963 began like any other day with the rituals of school and life.  By the end of the day however, the world had changed irrevocably, and the hearts, minds, and emotions of millions were in turmoil.  Somewhere in the early afternoon, we received the news in our elementary school, I even recall alarms and sirens going off; all systems seemed locked down and security alerts in place.  School was suspended for the day and we all went home.  I’ll always remember the headlines in the paper: “Kennedy Killed – Assassin Sought”.

My memories of that day and the character of this event were more like emotional energy imprints, rather than inventories of actual events.  The shock that  permeated the entire culture seemed to be more an expression of some huge unknown atrocity that had happened, containing archetypal imprints of the most horrendous artifacts of humanity’s “shadow” – violence, murder, death, fear, lies, deceit, coercion, propaganda and one of the largest-scale betrayals to be pulled off in Western Civilization.

I followed the Kennedy conspiracy theories from an intellectual distance over the years. It was lumped in with the other pop-culture tabloid concerns that our society chews and spits out: Elvis, Hitler, UFO’s, Crop Circles, The Great Wars, Large Sharks and on and on.

Lately, however, I’ve re-blossomed as a light political-environmental activist of sorts, and in this mode, I’m looking more closely at political leaders, their relationship with money and industry.  How does this pan out in terms of transparency, accountability, impact on our fellow humans, and on the planet itself?

It’s so obvious – not only from the content of this movie, but from gut-level and intuitive feelings that inform me in my life: that we live in a society whose machinery is controlled by those immersed in silent contracts. ThesePast President unspoken connections of finance and convenience, this unbending loyalty to the rules of a military-industrial complex whose control over our lives is far-reaching: deeply enmeshed into our culture, our character and our mindset, often beyond what we are able to fathom.

We have learned not to question, not to acknowledge or trust own inner gut-level understandings, but to implicitly respect, obey and at times worship, the matrix of beliefs and values we are handed  by societal institutions.  We are so afraid of making waves, that we would opt to drown in a sea of deceit rather than to question some of the basic tenets we’ve been spoon-fed all of our lives.

From understanding a little of Kennedy’s life, he was a peace-maker, a visionary, a leader who wanted to dis-assemble, neutralize, and hold accountable the vast powers and  power-brokers of the machinery that ruled America.   In doing so, he crossed the lines of the many who were benefactors of the industrial / war machine, and he paid dearly for doing so;  he paid with his life.

And then, the legacy of just more ‘corporate’ leaders: more liars, more traitors, more imbeciles who wore the distorted face of power, control and “smooth talk” – the actors, the Hollywood scripting in politics, the boys of the “old school” .  Paperback “heroes” who hide behind the facades of  “family values”, religion, and business-as-usual in order to carry out – consciously or unconsciously – the destructive and anti-human agenda of greed, control and manipulation that sits at the heart of corrupt politics.

But this is more than just JFK and all the actors in the movie that played out, both in real-time and on the screen.  This is about us as humans and our own real voice, the voice of our intuition, our guts, our hearts, our spirit: the voice that knows the truth – the truth at least for self – our path, our real place in life, our real purpose, real celebrations and struggles, our real real reason for living and breathing on this Planet at this particular time.

Where is our real voice, who is our real voice, what words does is speak, what song does it sing?

For some of us, this little voice is internalized and lost.  It’s JFK - Official Whitehouse Portraitburied under the deep and rigid architectures of parental control, polite deference and obedience,  overcoats of religious propriety and morality.  It hides behind masks of the learned male and female emotional protocol, and years of serving the unspoken rules of the majority: what is “right”, what is “called for”, in the minds of generations preceding us.

I think that those who felt betrayed on November 22nd, 1963 wanted to scream.

Scream in pain and betrayal.  Scream in the agony of deceit and massive violence.  Scream forever and ever at the masked men and the fake smiles and the smug gun-toting criminal machinery that kept all the “I’s” dotted and the false paperwork framed on the thin walls of this so-called democracy.   Scream at the shadows and fear that control the hearts of men and women and children all around the world.  Scream that enough is enough – there is no more room for shadow, for darkness, for pain, for deceit.

Scream that it’s time to turn on the lights for all of humanity.

We each have the power and the privilege and the birthright to live in the light of peace and justice. To trust the true voice that guides us on the inside, the voice that wants to celebrate life, liberty and love from a place of knowing. 

The Silent Scream of Mankind, buried ‘alive’ within us, buried for centuries untold, is finally making its way to the surface of humanity’s matrix.  This voice is our own, one that can both vanquish the darkness from within our own castles, and and shed light for once and for all on the forces that shape the world we live in.


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