Hi Folks,

Here’s a few sites I like to connect with on a regular basis.  It keeps me updated on things that count; and it’s about acknowledging humans that are making positive change in the world and in the lives of individuals.


One of my favorite sites is Words Of Peace Global.  Prem Rawat has been teaching about Inner Peace since he was an 8-year-old boy.  (Hey* some people just have the gift!)  His teachings have nothing to do with religion, beliefs, pious pilgrimages or “new age chantra-mantra” stuff.  Timeless Today WebsiteHis work is all about learning how to connect to the deeper part of your very own self.  Like the most beautiful temple you can visit is the temple of your own heart!  (I just made that up, but it’s true!)  Prem’s international talks are available for viewing or listening at Words of Peace Global (www.wopg.org), and a more up-to-date offering with excellent audio and video samples can be found at TimelessToday.com.


AVAAZ.ORG is one of the biggest concerns going these days, and they’re involved in an amazing number of projects, from women’s rights, to fighting political corruption and on and on.  They currently (as of Valentine’s Day, 2013), have almost 20 MILLION MEMBERS world-wide.  Wow!  Be a part of something that’s effecting positive change in a big way.  

Climate Change is a huge number on the world-wide stage these days, and global response to the issue is mounting daily.  Since I’ve gained interest in this – in the last 2 years or so – the movement has mushroomed, partly because of the wake-up call of climate-related disasters, and partly due to environmental threats like the Alberta Tar Sands project, and it’s associated pipeline proposals.

Bill McKibbon and his organization, 350.ORG are doing honorable work in bringing this issue to the public eye.  What is really disturbing, once you dig below the surface of these issues, is that BIG MEDIA and BIG POLITICS are incestuously tied in with BIG MONEY (ie Big Oil), and are pushing these environmentally and ecologically disastrous projects through without  proper public consensus and democratic debate.  In fact, our current government (Stephen Harper’s conservative party) have not only withdrawn from Kyoto and other accords aimed at international control over greenhouse gas emissions, but they’ve secretly gutted many environmental protections that we’ve fought long and hard for.  Clearly, this government’s mandate is NOT for the people, the environment or the planet.  In short, what this government is facilitating by its endorsement of environmentally toxic protocol, amounts to global environmental sabotage.

Other important links for supporting public awareness on CLIMATE CHANGE and other ENVIRONMENT-RELATED ISSUES are the following:

  • “DAVID SUZUKI FOUNDATION”… Dr Suzuki has been pioneering work in the sectors of conservation and ecology for decades.  Well known and respected author, PhD, lecturer.
  • “DIRTYOILSANDS.ORG” …  citizens and organizations in the USA are doing good work in mobilizing public awareness about the potentially-disasterous Keystone Oil Pipeline that is threatening vast pristine areas of American Wilderness.
  • “MEDIAMATTERS.ORG” – 5 myths about Keystone XL debunked
  • “TAR SANDS WATCH.ORG”– Tar Sands Watch is a part of the Polaris Institute. Polaris is designed to enable citizen movements to act for democratic social change on major public policy issues in an age of corporate driven globalization.
  • “White Water, Black Gold” … this delightful and informative video offering explores the relationship between water and tar sands oil production.  Of note are the disappearing glaciers due to Climate Change and global warming.
  • “Beautiful Destruction” (www.beautifuldestruction.ca) – Alberta Tar Sands arial photographs of the immense environmental catastrophe we Canadians are ashamed to admit is in our back yard.



ThisColossal.com is one of the coolest Art Sites that I’ve found on the internet, featuring real-life work by real-life artists, not necessarily of the “digital persuasion”.  Purely interesting, entertaining and light-hearted in nature.

Garth Lenz (www.garthlenz.com) … astounding, high-def arial photography of the stunning – and shocking off-the-scale environmental devastation of the Alberta Tar Sands.



dopbosDROPBOX is a file-sharing system that I’ve used for years. It’s free version gives you 2 Gigabytes of fire-sharing storage on their servers. It’s simple software, easy to use, and the free version is great for sharing large files like movies or music with friends when the files are too big to attach to email.