This is from a series of poetry I wrote in the 1980’s
which I thought I might post, for your wining and dining pleasure!


Something For Nothing

(or, Gary’s Theory of Evolution…)


For a Long Time,
There was Nothing.

Then, at One Point
(all of a sudden)
There was Something.

The Something – of course –
was surrounded by Nothing
because it was the Only Something.

The Something knew only Something
Because it was All There Was…
And the Something was never Lonely or Empty
because the Something was always Full of Itself
and was quite Content to be surrounded by Nothing.

The Nothing was really Nothing, and didn’t have anything,
and didn’t know anything, and was quite content in being
a Nothing, because all it had to do was surround the Something.

One day, the Something, which was All There Was, thought to Itself:
“How nice it would be to have Something Else. I am quite Happy to
have Nothing, but Something Else would be fun for a change.
I will make Something Else from myself, since I am All There Is,
and I will separate Something Else from myself by
A little bit of Nothing.

So, Something Else came into Existence, made out of
a little bit of Something and a little bit of Nothing.
“You look a lot like Me”, said Something, feeling
a little fatherly Pride. “Well, what shall we do,
now that we’re here?”

“How about a Game of Hide & Seek?”, said
Something Else, feeling a independence,
and a sense of Adventure…

Eons of time Passed. Something Else begat
Other Things, Different Things, Nice Things
and Nasty Things. One Morning, John Thingamajig
stared into his cup of coffee and thought to himself:
“Nothing makes sense in my Life Anymore.
Something seems to be Missing….”

art by Dennis Lakusta