Gary Bandzmer was born in Vancouver, Canada, many years ago to a mother of Irish descent and a father of German descent.  This makes for a combination of good beer and good humor, which – mixed in the correct proportions – can induce surrealism and contentment.Gary B with Sony A35

Gary’s main careers in his lifetime have been Land Surveying (yes, with the City of Vancouver – no, I don’t believe it myself; it really was a dream); Massage Therapy (that was the Magical One…), and Computer Work (mainly Web Design, which sounds kind of stoic and one-dimensional, but is really just another Gateway To The Divine). UPDATE: Currently, Gary is moving toward doing more video work and enjoying a chronic state of semi-retirement, where smelling the roses many times per day is mandatory.

Creativity has been a Big Thing in Gary’s life, running a close second to Humor and Beer, which are tied for first place.

His interests include – but are not limited to – the following: video production, audio production, musical authoring (guitar, bass and some keyboard), web design (mainly page layout: color, texture & form), server-side management (*bah*), photography (B&W, guerrilla theater, dilapidated and desperate decaying buildings, graffiti, street art, found art, lost art, dancers and dancing, landscapes, skyscapes and various lost and dazzling beauties of Nature), writing: poetry, prose, lost silly deep & greasy ideologies, and last-but-not-least: painting stones.  Gary’s dazzling stone angels can be seen at

Gary currently lives in New Westminster, BC.