I have a strong affinity for the Healing Arts.

This dates back to my 15 years in the Massage Therapy profession – as a practitioner and instructor, and pre-dates this as well, in my exposure to Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Nutritional Pharmacology – as early as the late 70’s.

Health and Healing are interesting topics and can “stir the pot” as easily as discussions on politics or religion.

None of this is meant to be an edict or verdict on “how things are” – it is only one man’s perspective, and is valid only as is the world seen through my eyes.   Every person has the responsibility to assemble and navigate their reality through the machineries of their own beliefs, perceptions, intelligence, intuition and  personal energy.

Our state of personal health is a huge piece of how we unfold and manifest in the world as human beings.  This state contains many dimensions and facets, and dovetails with every single aspect of our outer and inner lives.  It’s huge.  It’s huge because homeostasis, balance and pain-free living in this machine called The Human Body are essential to our continuance as individuals, and as a species.

As in every aspect of human life, the one critical feature of understanding Health in its many dimensions is personal consciousness.  Let’s say – for the sake of brevity & clarity – that personal consciousness has to do with the amount of personal insight, wisdom and self-knowledge we have cultivated in the course of our lives, as opposed to the layers of familial, religious and institutional programming that we have all be subjected to in the course of our personal development.

I stress this bit about personal consciousness, because during my 15 years as a Healing Arts practitioner, I became aware of how unique and individual human beings were; how each had his or her own set of defined principals that governed health, and how each individual had his or her own unique repository of medicines and poisons.  My challenge as a practitioner was to find the right combination of modalities and techniques that resonated with and assisted the progress of each of my patients.  In this fascinating study of the configuration of consciousness, mental and emotional patterning, and physical manifestation, I gained many insights into what constituted Health and Healing.  I will attempt to share some of these insights with you in this journal.

A huge piece of what health and wholeness represent to humanity is personal accountability.  This has to do with understanding our own role in the creation and maintenance of health as opposed to the roles and powers given over to family, genetics, environment,  and last-but-not-least, the role of the traditional medical profession.

At the end of the day, what we’ve individually sewn, is what we’re going to reap.  Our first responsibility is to engineer our “inner house” with consciousness, compassion and insight.  As it always turns out, the “outer house” follows suit.  This is not to negate the effects of genetics, environment on our condition; nor is it to negate the victories that technology and science has contributed toward bettering our lot.  It is simply to state that the most powerful tool we own as human beings is the privilege and responsibility of living and growing in consciousness as our days on this planet pass by.