The Internet Ghetto …

Has anyone noticed the proliferation of pointless and annoying advertising on the internet over recent years? It seems that “cyberspace” has evolved over 2 decades, from being an open and creative space, defined uniquely by individuals’ abilities and expressions, has now turned into a social media and advertising ‘factory’, exposing us to more and more unnecessary hype and sales gimmicks every turn we take. I just opened up another one of those sites where a pop-up window appears, and I left the site immediately.Bird on the Limb

As a web designer, I’m particularly sensitive to design dynamic and ambience, as well as to the substance of messages being communicated. If you have something of import to say, the words themselves will communicate the message; you might say the ‘intent’ and the inherent life-energy behind your message will speak for itself. I’ve seen powerful messages put forth on very “plain paper”, in a sense, with regard to page layout and design.

I’ve also seen up-tempo, “stylish” hyper-active flash-based sites, with all their eye-catching pyrotechnics … which actually say nothing. Nothing, except, “look at me”. Kind of juvenile attention-getting scheme, as is exemplified by the Hollywood ‘fast-food’ injections of exploding cars and police chases in movies.Gary-the-Blooger

A lot of websites – and sadly enough – site designers as well – have opted to “pimping” their websites for advertising, either these pop-up style “click me” windows, or that cheap and crass “google advertising” spread across their top and side bars. In most cases, these people will likely never see a penny from the ‘lucrative’ ad revenues they imagine, and they will have insulted, distracted, and otherwise wasted peoples’ precious time with only more nonsense-that-we-don’t-need splashing in front of our eyes.

Indeed, from what once promised to be an interesting city of character homes, the internet is turning into an ugly cardboard cut-out suburban cul-de-sac blight, rife with it’s “Walmarts'” and “Costco’s” and frantic people driving their SUV’s into Information Madness.

Thankfully, those of us who are GOA (Grumpy Old Anarchists), can still express ourselves and establish our own unique designs without being arrested by the Google Brain Police. As long as there’s a thread of freedom in this crazy Online Shopping Mall, I personally vow to use it to propagate freedoms of artistic, anarchistic, and surrealistic expression.

There! I feel better already!

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