The Life Within Life

Modern-Day Life can appear to be idiotic.

And thankless.  And sometimes pointless.  And often: highly disturbing.  We tend to look and find things in the outer stratosphere that justify our fears, beliefs, positions and prejudices on the inner sphere.  And then, become a little more rattled… and a little more distressed.

Turbulence.  Politics.  Pollution.  Inhumanity.  “Yes”, it’s there. And yes, it hurts.


But the trouble is, our focus gets hijacked.  By several things.  The big one is the news media.  I’m not saying they’re bad, or even wrong.  But they’ve developed this habit and this inclination over time, to dwell on the worst possible aspects of humanity and shove it down our throats.  And we have developed this bad habit over time, of eagerly eating it all up.  Without batting an eye.

But the thing is, there’s so much more going on in the world that just “that”.   SO MUCH!  So much that’s humanly positive, life-affirming … acts of kindness and beauty among human beings.  Acts of huge charity by individuals and organizations.  Lives saved by medical and crisis intervention.  Lives helped by modern-day heroes who rise to the occasion and give to their fellow men.

These things don’t get any mention, or very little.  Maybe sequestered to the back page, lower right, one-third inch column space.  “Wow”.   And all the mayhem and betrayal and dishonesty and rip-offs, spread across the front cover, for your beady and hungry little eyes to digest.

Which one do you want?

fall vegetables - pumpkin, squash, etcI want BEAUTY and I want a lot of it.  I want a lot of it, because I am a human being and I deserve all I can get.  I deserve to be overdosed on kindness and acts of human generosity.  I deserve to be reminded of the amazing world we live in, and of the amazing lives we’re gifted with … every day, and every second.  I deserve to consume what nourishes the heart and inspires creativity, what feeds the soul and reminds us of our greatness, our wonder, our miracle of consciousness that is granted to us by life, day after day.

I need all these affirmations.  Celebrations.  Libations.  FEASTS – for eyes, heart and intellect.  “Walking in Color”.  Living – truly – in the light of creation, not the darkness and despair of confused men.   And this all mainstream media knows how to portray, is the mangled world of confused men.  We deserve more.  We ARE more.  We can get more, give more, live more and love more … with these simple understandings: that we don’t deserve to be eating up this garbage every day and whining and complaining.  We deserve to be joyful. 

So, make the choices that create that.

It’s not hard.  It’s actually easy-pie.  Anyone can do it.  Little kids know how to do it.  They haven’t forgotten that art of play and the magnificence of “life in the moment”.  It’s ours if we want to recover it, take it back.  No one took it away from us, we GAVE it away!!

So, take it back!



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  1. How refreshing to read your words, Gary … So necessary to stop in this tumultuous run of days believing everything we hear. As you describe it … I do not want any more of that either. And surely many more feel that inner call, all those who ask for hugs, those who seek to help the animals that suffer … they feel that there are many more loving people who want the good … who longs for us to love , that the aid exists so that the one who needs it obtains it.

    Thank you for putting into words what our heart cries out for.

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