Traveling Light

It’s been said that we’re all Travelers.

We’re here for a while, then we leave.

This, they say, is common knowledge, and no – we don’t need to be reminded.

I need to be reminded of this all the time.  Many times daily.  Why?  Because, left to my own devices, I pave the road of my journey with the asphalt of assumptions.

Humans have been known to do this.  We establish our comfort zone, our routines, our padded cell of addictions and compromises… and then all of a sudden, we have these apocalyptic ‘surprises’ in life, surprises that derail us.  De-stable us.  Devastate us.

Traveling “light” has to do with Traveling Light.   Funny phrase, an un-planned metaphor of sorts.   Light is pure energy.  It travels at an amazing speed, something science itself can hardly grasp.  It carries nothing with it, except it.  We don’t really know where it begins, nor where it ends … but its presence in our lives allows vision, clarity, purpose, direction and movement.

Perhaps Traveling Light is really about Traveling with Light.  Meaning, light becomes a companion, a fellow traveler, a compatriot, comrade, therapist, guru, lover, child, spouse … uh … “friend”…?   So, who and where and what is this “light” that we need to companionize?  Is it just a fancy phrase thrown around by those who claim spiritual one-upmanship in our midst?  Or is it a real, tangible, substantive quality that can be felt, known, ingested, “grokked” as Robert Heinlein would put it.

This is the question that must be asked, and the answer that must be found.  Individually.  Uniquely.  Purposefully.  Absolutely.  More than mere words and fancy texts and expensive workshops, retreats and symposia.  For each of us, the answer must fit, resonate, make meaning and fire within the belly of our understanding.

Traveling with Light implies walking the human path knowing it is your own very unique and solitary journey, but it also means never feeling alone or abandoned in the process.  It also means understanding mortality from a place of consciousness, not from a place of concept, morality or superstition.   Understanding mortality from a point of consciousness also implies understanding the counterpoint of mortality – also from a place of consciousness: immortality.   What part of our being that is encased in this fragile human wrapping is immortal?  Is this known, grokked, felt, understood in a way that goes far beyond words & descriptions?

This thing, impossible to describe, but possible to allude to, is the essential secret & substantive core of human existence.  The dance of the eternal.  The music that plays, unceasingly in the deepest recess of our own being.  Light.  Known.  Bathed in.  Inhaled.  Loved.  Lived.



Traveling Light.

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  1. I love the first photo with the pink and yellow. Interesting thoughts, but I know where light begins and ends! It begins so small it’s almost abstract, and then manifests itself in everything it touches. In a way, we are the end of light.

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