Healing & Health

I had to use the 2 words, healing and health on this page.

“Healing” would be the work you do on yourself to correct the harms, and undo the bad programs that you landed with in life.  In my generation, the “boomers” I suppose, many of us did our inner work in our 30’s and 40’s.  Seems that that’s the time a lot of us were confronted by the limitations of our societal and personal woundings, and we did whatever we could, by whatever means we found, to confront, unpack, neutralize and vanquish the layers of “stuff” we’d internalized over decades of living.

And healing continues.

If you’re at all aware of who you are, you realize that the entire life you live is a mirror for you – if you are open to seeing yourself.

magnolia, you sweet thing

“Health” on the other hand, is a dynamic constant that we we must invest in as we go along.  It’s not just “diet”, but it’s partly diet.  It’s not just “environment”, but it’s partly environment.  It’s not just your predispositions, your inborn weaknesses, your addictions, and your access to your deeper energies, but it’s all of that.  And more.

I’ll continue to elaborate as time goes on.  And it certainly does go on.