My name is Gary.  I live in Canada. On the West Coast.  In a little village called “Vancouver.”  It’s not so little actually.  It’s grown huge, in the 70 or so years I’ve occupied it. (UPDATE – 2023: Now living on Vancouver Island! The Big City is History!)

Island Life - 2014I invested in consciousness in my early life, perhaps starting between the ages of 17 and 21.  It began by dabbling in psychedelics and culminated in finding yoga, then eventually meditation and inner peace, and establishing that as a framework that I could hang reality on.

It was kind of an “alternative” life from the get-go. A childhood rebel, I always disdained and questioned authority. Especially corrupt authority – of which there were boundless examples. Through my journey into exploring consciousness and the inner self, I was exposed to alternative lifestyles, which included ashram living, vegetarian and other diets, and alternative healing or holistic medicine.  Whatever you want to call it.

So, I confronted the boring, mundane, meat-and-potatoes reality my parents had offered me, and school had offered me, and religion had offered me, and dug way deeper into myself… to find “home”.  Which, I guess is what the heart is all about.  It’s kind of like taking the ego-mind out of the Driver’s Seat of Life, and giving your Heart a go.  It’s quite thrilling, really.

So, this kind of pathway does a number of things over time. It makes you very aware that life is finite, limited and precious. It makes you think more deeply about the passing of time, and what really has value and substance.  And most of all, it gives you kind of a 6th sense about things: you can call it your intuition, your gut-level feeling, or just your unique, uncanny, exotic, personal and eccentric wisdom. Any one will do.  But the crux of it is: it works.  It proves its game over and over and over again.

A big chapter in my life was “healing and health.” I’ll talk about that on the next page.