CBC – Our National Broadcaster: are we getting the truth?

CBC TV RADIO - are we getting the truth, or just more corporate drivel?I’ve been noting that the CBC News agency in Canada is basically following the same pattern as all other mainstream news agencies in distracting and deceiving the public.  I’ve written – a month ago – to the ombudsman, but have received no acknowledgement from the Editor-in-Chief, Jennifer McGuire, who supposedly received my inquiry.  So, today, Aug 6th, 2016, I wrote a followup letter.  If any of you fellow Canadians are interested at all in a quality-control reality check on our very own “beloved” national broadcaster, please read on….

ATTN. Melanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage
ATTN. Jennifer McGuire, Editor-in-Chief, CBC News
ATTN. Right Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
CC Esther Enkin, CBC Ombudsman

One month ago, I brought the following matters to the attention of the CBC Ombudsman, and was informed that my concerns had been passed on to Jennifer McGuire, Editor-in-Chief of CBC News.  Since I have heard nothing of the acknowledgement of these inquires or the answering of my questions, I am moving up the ladder do deal with people who are overseeing the functioning of CBC news media.

It is my understanding that CBC is a publicly funded news outlet; therefore I am as a taxpayer supporting this news outlet, and that in our democratic constitution, this outlet is answerable to me, the taxpayer.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

It is also my understanding, that in general, mainstream media does not have an onus to serve the public, rather they have a track record of manipulating news coverage to suit their corporate sponsors, as has been recently proven by the collusion between mainstream media in the USA, effectively destroying Bernie Sanders’ campaign for presidential candidacy.  I am noting that our publicly funded media, CBC, is basically following suit in suppressing from the public’s view, stories that would confront their relationship with corporate sponsorship, which implies distortion of the facts in world news coverage to maintain a “status quo” relationship with corporate entities who are basically involved in an elaborate scheme to misinform and deceive the public on a large-scale basis.

Here are some cases in point.  

1. Vladimir Putin bans GMO food production and importation.  Putin says Russia will be #1 exporter of Non-GMO food.  This is a huge Putin bans GMO's in Russiastatement, both in terms of the politics of food production, the implied and controversial “safety” of GMO products, and the apparent conflict-of-interest in corporate influence (ie Monsanto) in its incestuous workings of agriculture and government in North America.  Not a whisper of this ANYWHERE on CBC.

2. GMO’s are now banned in 38 countries world-wide.  There is not a word of this ANYWHERE on CBC.  Is this not “newsworthy”?  Consumers are demanding more and more the right to know what is in their food and to have choices over organic, non-organic, and genetically-modified crops.  Why are we being denied this information?

3. The DNC (Democratic National Committee and Chair in the USA) are being targeted with a class action lawsuit for election fraud.  Not a word of this on CBC.  Both the DNC and its chair, Debbie Wasserman are being investigated for election fraud.  Why are we not hearing about this?

4. Vladimir Putin gave a powerful speech to the St Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 16th.  In it he included warnings about the balance of power in global conflicts, how the US has historically destabilized this balance of power, from as early as 1972, by withdrawing from the ABM treaty. Putin outlined how they had offered real solutions to end the arms race, which were all rejected by the USA.  Now the USA, has established missile defence systems in Romania, which it alleges are to protect against “Iran”, a situation which is fabricated.  Putin’s video is on Youtube.  He is outlining how the USA is basically playing “dirty chess” in the middle east and in eastern Europe in order to establish a military presence that is backed by lies.  This video has 2.2 million views.  THERE IS NOT A WORD OF THE CONTENT OF VLADIMIR PUTIN’S STATEMENTS ON CBC.

So, are we being “sanitized” here?  Are we being denied the very information we need to hear about what is REALLY GOING ON in the world?  Are we just more “polite Canadians” who are going to listen to white-washed news that suits the 1%?

Is our national media outlet, our PUBLICLY FUNDED media outlet, answering to the taxpayers and citizens of Canada by giving us unabridged and un-tainted news, or are we being subjected to the same drivel that the corporate elite are spewing out on the North American public through the “corporate-friendly” mainstream media outlets … who, it turns out, are all owned by about a dozen wealthy corporate empires?

I am not only a Canadian, but I am a citizen of Planet Earth, a place that is currently being decimated by corporate greed and political deceit.  Is the CBC just another arm of this propaganda machine that is covering the asses of the 1%, or is the CBC providing factual, unbiased and truthful information about the state of the planet?

I want an answer to WHO is controlling CBC editorial policy, and why we are not seeing these news items that are shaping the world we live in.

Who, in the government of Canada or in the administration of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, bears the responsibility and mandate to oversee and monitor the editorial policy of CBC; this is the person who needs to speak to this issue and to address these very reasonable questions and inquiries from a Canadian Taxpayer.

I await your anticipated reply on these very important issues, which can undermine or support Canadians’ trust and subscription to their very own national news service.

If I don’t receive acknowledgment from the editorial policy-makers of CBC, I invite you, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to comment on the responsibility of our national news service.

I thank you in advance for your attention to this topic…

Gary Bandzmer
New Westminster, BC, Canada
Aug 6, 2016


Neil Young & Promise of the Real – The Monsanto Years Film

Hey! Neil Young is Canadian and so am I. Neil Young hates the fascist, fear-mongering, money-pimped bureaucracy that’s currently destroying democracy in Canada and plundering the environment. So do I. Instead of saying more right now, let’s just say less and SING MORE. Thanks Neil, for making this sweet video available. The music is great. The feeling is awesome … share it if you wish!

The Airport Show

Three short poems
inspired by concrete
and saffron of LAX.
( YOU too,
could be a Millionaire
in only three days … )
your violent square
surrounds my tender circle
i am invisible
as i weep into Infinity’s Dream
the Circular Ache
Los Angeles Sky
familiar Blue Friend
Giant Metal Bird
Symbol of Reason
A million Horses
pull it one metre
on God’s

Airplanes In Love


The Internet Ghetto …

Has anyone noticed the proliferation of pointless and annoying advertising on the internet over recent years? It seems that “cyberspace” has evolved over 2 decades, from being an open and creative space, defined uniquely by individuals’ abilities and expressions, has now turned into a social media and advertising ‘factory’, exposing us to more and more unnecessary hype and sales gimmicks every turn we take. I just opened up another one of those sites where a pop-up window appears, and I left the site immediately.Bird on the Limb

As a web designer, I’m particularly sensitive to design dynamic and ambience, as well as to the substance of messages being communicated. If you have something of import to say, the words themselves will communicate the message; you might say the ‘intent’ and the inherent life-energy behind your message will speak for itself. I’ve seen powerful messages put forth on very “plain paper”, in a sense, with regard to page layout and design.

I’ve also seen up-tempo, “stylish” hyper-active flash-based sites, with all their eye-catching pyrotechnics … which actually say nothing. Nothing, except, “look at me”. Kind of juvenile attention-getting scheme, as is exemplified by the Hollywood ‘fast-food’ injections of exploding cars and police chases in movies.Gary-the-Blooger

A lot of websites – and sadly enough – site designers as well – have opted to “pimping” their websites for advertising, either these pop-up style “click me” windows, or that cheap and crass “google advertising” spread across their top and side bars. In most cases, these people will likely never see a penny from the ‘lucrative’ ad revenues they imagine, and they will have insulted, distracted, and otherwise wasted peoples’ precious time with only more nonsense-that-we-don’t-need splashing in front of our eyes.

Indeed, from what once promised to be an interesting city of character homes, the internet is turning into an ugly cardboard cut-out suburban cul-de-sac blight, rife with it’s “Walmarts'” and “Costco’s” and frantic people driving their SUV’s into Information Madness.

Thankfully, those of us who are GOA (Grumpy Old Anarchists), can still express ourselves and establish our own unique designs without being arrested by the Google Brain Police. As long as there’s a thread of freedom in this crazy Online Shopping Mall, I personally vow to use it to propagate freedoms of artistic, anarchistic, and surrealistic expression.

There! I feel better already!

Change is Afoot …

Things are changing.  Rapidly.

Public opinion is brewing and shaping and people are getting wind about what Big Money, Big Politics and Big Oil are up to.

It’s partly our fault: for sitting in the padded ignorance of our own comfort zones, numbed like a junkie, while the media keeps us distracted by cops and robbers stories and pop-culture trivia that are strategically moulded to provide those empty calories.  And, we do love our comfort zones, don’t we?Toxic Alberta Tar Sands

But, comfort zones are getting stretched.  Already massive, destructive storms are hitting a little close to home, too close to ignore, too close to escape from.  And the reality of Climate Change is standing with its naked, monstrous self, directly in front of us.  The polar ice caps are melting.  MELTING.  I mean, this alone should be enough for any person in his right mind to ask, “what the f*ck is going on?”   But we remain quiet, polite, subservient – the way we always are – chit-chatting with friends and neighbors about the usual confetti, the day to day concerns of drunken lives, lives lost in the wonder drug of prescribed entertainment.

And politicians lie to us.  Daily.  Big Media lies to us.  Daily.  Big Oil and their sleazy campaigns lie to us: constantly.  Have we lost the taste of what Truth really is?  Have we been so bombarded by industrial lies, political promises and cheap ad campaigns for so long that we just eat it up because it’s “convenient”?

It’s amazing and heart-warming, that people are speaking up.  They are saying “NO” … in a voice clear and loud.  They are tired of lies and empty promises and environmental travesties hidden behind the cheap facades of “regional prosperity”, “national economic growth” and the time-tortured 4-letter word, JOBS.    These little plastic carrots dangled in front of us are no longer garnering the devotion of the Chronically Stupid: people are being informed, updated and are seeing behind the camouflage and lies.USA Oil Sands Project

And the interesting thing is, they’re not getting this illumination from mainstream media like CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX or even *sigh* CBC.  They’re getting it from friends, relatives, strangers and others who are taking advantage of the connectivity of social media, websites, video, sharing on all levels the real word about what we are up against on this Planet, at this Time.

It’s time to MOVE.  It’s time to ACT.  There really is an amazing call for change, for accountability, for truth … taking place on the planet right now.  It’s exciting to be a part of it.  It means that WE as human beings can begin to engineer a better world for all of us.  Inhumanity, corruption, environmental destruction and greed have no hiding places any more.   They’re all being ‘OUTED’.  Wow.  Now, that’s pretty cool.

It won’t happen without a fight.  Money and power and time-tested control will not be letting go easily.  But it will happen.  It will because we are demanding.  Not politely “asking” for it.  We demand it.   Accountability, transparency and visioning a world that all human beings can thrive in peacefully is what it’s all about.  And it can happen.

All it needs is YOU.

Lonely Souls and Lovely Roads

I thought I would write about "aloneness". It came out of a Facebook post I replied to - an image that showed two people walking together down a road. The quote was something like, "I can walk your road with you, but I can't walk your road for you." The quote drew some agreements and commendations from "friends". It seemed nice. Like one of those spiritually-correct, new-agey kind of things to say. *Hmm*. After thinking about it for a while, I realized that I begged to differ. I added this as a reply to the quote:
No one else really walks it WITH you, either. Truly. Because they're on their very own road. It's yours alone. It's human to avoid and deny our true aloneness in this world, but it's a fact. We came that way ... we leave that way. In the center of this very disconcerting reality, is also the sweetness of our own soul - only available in your true "aloneness" ...

As life goes on, as you pass through decades and decades of living, you "get" some things. Most of these things that you get are truly gifts. Others are obtained by trial and error, some by very expensive lessons and brutal teachers. A few by Love & Life itself. One of the things that I've gotten is that yes, we truly ARE alone in this world. No one particularly likes that concept - partly because it has a deep truth to it, and partly because we end up engineering our Comfort Zones in life to include others - family, friends, lovers, children, students, peers - and on and on - and, well, hey, what's wrong with that anyway, I mean, isn't that "normal" and right?

Well, to get at the truth of things, we often have to mine, to dig, deeply, under the surface facades of what "appears" to be correct, or 'normal' or acceptable in life. Perhaps, it's only our own true heart that seeks these kind of answers, these kind of "absolutes" in life, and only our own true heart that can claim and acknowledge and own these truths as something resonant with our own soul. Therefore, these truths that I've found are uniquely my own. They may - or may not - speak to you, but regardless, you must find your own truths by mining the deep 'gold' within your own being - knowing and owning your own true riches, true wisdom and true understanding of what lies at the center, the core, of your own life. For me, I've been gifted with certain truths - most of which can't really be communicated in words. They can be painted, like beautiful adjectives, on beautiful menus, in a beautiful restaurant ... but they can't be eaten. You have to give yourself that very food, for your very own soul. It is true that I am alone, and I know I've always been truly alone, and as time goes on, I not only get more and more comfortable in that "aloneness", but I crave it. I drink long sips of it on a daily basis. I soak in it - sometimes for hours, enjoying, enjoying, enjoying.

The paradox and the true beauty of this aloneness, is that this aloneness does contain and reveal your very heart and soul. The seat and center of your longing, your emptiness, and your yearning as a human being - and simultaneously - the oasis, the fountain, the source and center of the liquid oneness that fills that very same void. This is the real jewel of aloneness, the source and center of who we are at our innermost core.

Without that, "aloneness" turns into loneliness. Without the attachment of the heart to its true "mother" within, the mind - in its restless, relentless, agitated nature turns impulsively to external attachments to keep it engaged, distracted, "happy and satisfied" with the temporary passing delights that it loves to articulate with, be they ever so frail, ever so finicky, and ever so fickle. So, that wonderful person, or persons, or family, or community ... that seems to walk by your side, on this road of life: note that there are times when they're not there. Note that they're subject to illness, anger, death, sorrow, depression, addictions, distraction and that, finally, at the end of the day, you truly do rest alone with yourself. No matter how close their body is to yours, their soul is light years away. Note that all the things that you possess, whether it's wealth, property, toys, health, balance, prosperity .. note that all these things come and go - by their very nature.

And also note that your dependence, your leaning on these things, your grabbing onto these things, your aching for these things, brings about repercussions, both in your own reaction to disappointments about their nature, and their own resentments for the extra weight you place upon them with the yoke of your desires. We have a deep longing, a yearning within our own beings - and when we try to stuff external things into that yawning empty space - it backfires. Those things, by their very nature, are not meant to fulfill the true yearning of a human being. It seems, we have an aversion to aloneness. We like the noise, the bubbly-ness, the loud and flashing colors, the engagement of the senses deeply in the pool of distraction: email, text messages, images, beeps and bops, ring-tones, high definition, surround sound, 3D Cinema, fast cars, organic chocolate.

Nothing wrong with any of that. A matter of balance. You can't eat the menu, or the posters. Or the radio ads. Or the Billboards. Or the conversations. Or the recipe book. Or the food pyramid. You gotta have the real food. Then, hey, what's wrong with a little cheesecake?

Same thing with the true essence of self: once you're comfortable in diving into that sweet pearl at the center of your own true aloneness, you realize you'll never be lonely again. Because you've found the true friend within. And you don't have to try to stuff all your other friends ... and relatives ... and strangers ... and distractions, in there. Balance. Based on the foundation of something you truly know is yours.

All else will be left behind. On this road ... this lovely road of Life. Which one day, elegantly or not, will come to an end.